What to Do If You Think A Car Has Been Abandoned?

An abandoned vehicle can be a nuisance. Many property owners find that having an abandoned vehicle in front of their driveway or near their property adversely affects their property’s value. So, what can you do if you think a car has been abandoned? Here’s a detailed guide from Sell Cars for Cash on what the right thing to do is in such scenarios. 

Cash For Abandoned Car

What Is Termed as An Abandoned Vehicle? 

According to VicRoads, a vehicle is considered abandoned if it: 

  • Is unregistered
  • Has not been moved in more than 2 months
  • Has been deemed to be not roadworthy by Victoria Police or VicRoads

Sell Your Abandoned Car for Cash in Melbourne 

If you have a car that’s no longer roadworthy or is considered scrap, do not abandon the vehicle! Many times, vehicle owners are tempted to dump the vehicle in an empty plot or deserted road, but doing this can mean you actually end up losing out on valuable cash! How do you ask? Because there’s a smarter way to get rid of your abandoned vehicle and that is to contact Sell Cars for Cash. We are a Used car buyer that buys all conditions of vehicles. So, even if your car is ancient, heavily damaged or in scrap condition, we will pay you cash for it. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a cent to Sell Your Car to us!

That’s because we buy cars as is, coming to your location to pick up the vehicle. All we need you to do is let us know the details of your vehicle (Make, model and condition) and provide proof of vehicle ownership. Once we have that information, we will be able to provide you with an Instant Cash for Cars Quote. You then need to book your Free Car Removal. Our staff will come on the date and time agreed upon to collect and tow away the vehicle (at no cost to you!). This is also when we will make the cash payment. So, you can now enjoy a zero-cost sale for your abandoned car. Whatever cash we pay you is 100% profit since you don’t have to worry about fixing up the car in order to sell it to us. 

Report an Abandoned Vehicle to VicRoads

If a vehicle’s been abandoned in or around your property and it’s not yours, please contact VicRoads to report it. Once you inform the authorities, depending on the scenario, they will do one of the following: 

  • Remove it within 24 hours.
  • Investigate the situation. 
  • Place an abandoned vehicle sticker on the car, informing the vehicle owner that he/she has to move the car within a week.
  • Impound it. 

If you have an abandoned vehicle that you’ve given up hopes of selling, now’s the time to pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll buy your abandoned car for today, and for cash! 

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