What Documents Do You Need When You Sell Your Used Car in Victoria?

The documents required to Sell Your Car will vary, depending on what state or territory you are from in Australia, as well as how you’re selling it.

If you live in Victoria, the process is relatively easy, but important to follow nonetheless.

Get Certificate of Roadworthiness

Generally, you will need a Certificate of Roadworthiness before you sell your used car in Victoria.

You can get these certificates from an authorized tester which you can find by contacting VicRoads either via their website or one of their offices.

Certificates of Roadworthiness in Victoria last 30 days from the date it is issued.

You don’t need to get a Certificate of Roadworthiness if you are transferring ownership of your vehicle to a spouse, domestic partner, a licensed car dealer or if your vehicle is unregistered.

It’s important to note that the price of obtaining a Certificate of Roadworthiness isn’t fixed in Victoria and will depend on a vehicle’s condition, type, age and more.

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Why Car Sellers Should Get a Roadworthy Certificate

The Roadworthy Certificate must be delivered to VicRoads within 14 days, but this can be done by either the car seller or buyer.

It’s suggested that the seller should be the one who delivers the certificate, otherwise they can run into trouble if the car buyer doesn’t do this in time.

Get an ‘Application for Transfer’ Registration Form

To hand over the reins of your vehicle to someone else, you’ll need to fill out an ‘Application for Transfer’ form.

The seller will fill out the seller’s section and the buyer will fill out the buyer’s section.

Keep a copy of the document and give the original to the Car Buyer.

Proof of Identity & Ownership

Licensed Buyers will require you to bring your Title of Ownership and Proof of Identity (such as your driver’s license or passport).

If you are buying a vehicle, it’s encouraged that you see these before signing any agreements.

Cash for Cars Companies – How they Make Selling Your Car in Victoria a Breeze

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