Victoria Paying $5000 To Young Drivers To Replace Their Old Vehicles

The Victorian government is expanding a trial programme to provide teenage drivers with financial assistance so they may trade in their older model cars for safer, more up-to-date vehicles. In addition, more young people in rural Victoria now have the opportunity to save money and trade in their outdated vehicles for safer, more up-to-date models.


Recently, Ben Carroll, the minister of roads, announced that the unsafe2safe trial would be expanded to include all of regional Victoria. Expressions of interest are currently being received until September 4, 2022. In this phase of the programme, up to 150 drivers between the ages of 18-25 will receive a cash offer of a $5,000 subsidy to help them upgrade from an unsafe older vehicle to a safer, newer one.

“The programme is essential in ensuring that young Victorians choose a car with features that could eventually save their lives, according to Carroll. “We know that cost is a big barrier for many young Victorians when choosing a safe and modern car. Approximately 70% of persons who have died on our roads were in cars more than ten years old, and being in a safer car can mean the difference between going to the hospital or avoiding a crash entirely,” Carroll said.

Regarding Unsafe2safe

In the case of a collision, the safety of your car matters and might even help prevent one altogether. But many teen drivers do not have the money to purchase a newer, safer vehicle. Sadly, serious traffic accidents sometimes involve those young drivers.

Even though safety is the main focus of the initiatives, a 2017 analysis by the Australian Automobile Association found that removing older vehicles from the nation’s roads and lowering the fleet’s average age by one year. That may “end up saving up to 1377 lives and produce a $19.7 billion benefit in trauma and emission reduction over 20 years.”

The same study indicated that thanks to safety technology like electronic stability control (ECS), which can avoid a skid, lowering the average age of Australia’s car fleet by a single year might also cut road crashes by roughly 5%.

We’re launching a focused study to encourage young people in rural Victorian areas to trade in their outdated, dangerous cars for newer, safer ones. The unsafe2safe project would provide up to 1,000 teenage drivers with a $5000 subsidy to upgrade their existing, outdated, risky car with a newer, safer one that satisfies the requirements listed below:

  • Fewer than ten years old
  • Has a Used Car Safety Rating of four or five stars, or a five-star ANCAP rating with a timestamp no older than six years.
  • has never been included in the Written-Off Vehicle Register as a repairable write-off (WOVR)
  • The replacement vehicle cannot be forbidden for P-plate drivers if the driver has a P-plate driving license.
  • With a buying price below an unknown value.

The trial application process is currently open.

How does it function?

  • An invitation letter entitles selected participants to a $5,000 subsidy towards purchasing a newer, safer automobile.
  • The participant visits a participating dealer with their letter and an old, dangerous automobile.
  • Through the my VicRoads partner site, the dealer verifies the letter’s legitimacy.
  • If the asking price exceeds $5000, the participant uses the subsidies plus their funds to buy an eligible replacement vehicle.
  • The dealer coordinates the old car’s destruction with a Scheme Auto Wrecker.
  • The car is wrecked.
  • The dealer claims the rebate by submitting the necessary paperwork through the my VicRoads partner site.

The trial’s first phase began in February with 50 participants and ten dealerships in and around Bendigo and Ballarat. During the initial stage, we could directly coordinate with the participating dealers to determine what was successful and what could be improved. We are currently attempting to increase the trial’s number of participants and dealerships around the state.

Why Should You Take Part?

It is optional to participate. However, there are numerous advantages to participating, such as:

  • More sales to clients who might not have otherwise been able to afford a newer vehicle.
  • Gaining new, young clients who might return in the future or refer the company to others.
  • Increased interest in both new and used cars.
  • Helping to prevent major collisions and save lives.

How Does The $5000 Grant Operate?

Participants will not be given the subsidy directly. Instead, the dealer gives the participant a $5000 reduction off the drive-away price when selling them a qualified replacement car (including GST).

The dealer must obtain the old trade-in car, who then must deactivate its registration and deliver it to a Scheme Auto Wrecker. In addition, the wrecker must give a Certificate of Destruction attesting to the fact that the trade-in car has been destroyed or is being disassembled and won’t be resold and reregistered.

The dealer will use an application on the my VicRoads portal to submit a claim to VicRoads for reimbursement of the subsidy when the participant purchases a newer, safer vehicle and scraps the old one. The dealer must deliver information about the transaction and appropriate paperwork (Certificate of Destruction, transfer form, evidence of sale, etc.).

VicRoads will return the $5000 to the dealer after receiving and approving the reimbursement application.

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