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Whether you have an old scrap vehicle you’d like removed, or one that has few miles, Melbourne offers free car removals. Our car removals are worth up to $9999. When you sell your car to Sell Cash for Cars, the removal is on us, and instant cash is paid.We pay cash on the spot. We serve all suburbs of Melbourne . Just give us a call for an instant cash offer on your car removal. We accept all makes, models, ages and conditions of vehicles. And, always pay CASH!

We Accept:

  • Scrap Car Removals
  • Used Car Removals
  • New Car Removals
  • Accident Car Removals
  • Damaged Car Removals

Cars aren’t the only vehicles we accept. We accept trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, 4x4s, utes, Jeeps, etc.

We are a fully licensed used auto trader and wreckers.

Our Services

At Sell Cash for Cars, car removals are our business. We accept all makes and models, foreign or domestic, For vehicles that are in such bad shape or so old that they can’t be on the road or don’t move, we offer car disposals. Our car removals in Melbourne are always free, no matter what the condition.

For used cars, we are able to calculate whether they are worth more salvaged or resold. We have a network of professional buyers that offer top dollar on all cars we bring them. This is why Sell Cash for Cars is able to offer you the MOST CASH on your unwanted car removal in Melbourne.

Car Wreckers

Our car wreckers are experienced and offer professional wrecking services. Our auto disposal services are completely eco-friendly. In fact, they can be considered “green”.

Our wrecking yards are filled with the best and most advanced equipment. This allows our auto wreckers to salvage all parts from vehicles. Once all the parts are pulled from the vehicle, we then crush the vehicle. Once formed into scrap metal, we are able to resell and reuse the metal. This allows us a totally eco-friendly process. One that recycles, resells and reuses all parts and metals.

Our car wreckers have years of experience and the tools and equipment to ensure maximum value. Our car removals are always free.So, give us a call and don’t hassle paying a towing company to remove your scrap vehicle in Melbourne.

Call us at 0432 012 232  Today!

We Accept ALL Makes and Models of Any Age and Condition

There’s no type of vehicle we won’t accept. Nor, is there any condition we won’t accept and pay cash for.

Foreign or domestic, running or not, we accept all makes and models:

  • Chevy, Mitsubishi, Acura, Ford, Subaru
  • Toyota, Dodge, Lexus, Honda, Mercedes
  • And, any other make of vehicle

Scrap Car Removals Melbourne

Sell Cars for Cash offers cash for car removals in Melbourne. Our customers receive free car removals. They also receive INSTANT CASH.Whether you vehicle is total scrap with just the metal left, or one that is nonoperational, we will remove it for FREE. Our cash for cars system is simple and any type of vehicle is accepted:

  • Cars, Okay!
  • Trucks, Okay!
  • Vans, Okay!
  • SUVs, Okay!
  • Commercial Vehicles, Okay!
  • 4x4s, Okay!

We accept all types, models, ages and conditions. Just give us a call and we’ll kindly provide you with a cash offer.

How to Obtain a FREE No Obligation Cash Offer

Ready to get a cash offer on your scrap car removal? Then, just follow the instructions below.

  • Dial us up at 0432 012 232 .
  • Complete our “Instant Cash Offer” located on this page. It’s located at the top right of the page.

Once we provide you with an instant cash offer on your vehicle removal, you let us know if you’d like us to perform your vehicle removal.

At Sell Cars for Cash, our car wreckers work 24 hours a day. This ensures we are able to provide convenient car removals. No matter what day of the year, or hour of the day, we’ll be there to remove your vehicle at NO COST. And, we’ll put INSTANT CASH in your pocket.

Our car removals Melbourne can be performed in as little as 4 hours from the time of your call. That’s cash as soon as this afternoon.

Contact Sell Cash for Cars Today

Ready to have your unwanted car removed? We accept all makes, models, ages and conditions. At Sell Cars for Cash, we provide:

  • Scrap Car Removals
  • Used Car Removals
  • New Car Removals
  • Accident Car Removals
  • Damaged Car Removals
  • Broken Car Removals

We pay our customers up to $9999 on all car removals. Whether day or night, give us a call at the number below or complete our “Instant Cash Offer” located on this page. We will provide you with an instant cash offer and schedule a Free car removal on your unwanted car.

Cal Us at 0432 012 232


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