How To Calculate Scrap Car Value

It wasn’t long ago that having a waste or junk car meant disposing of it in an empty landfill. But luckily, those days are now gone! Today, the trend is to scrap the automobile for money. There are ways to determine Scrap Car Valuation, no matter how junked or used the vehicle is. So, you can find out the worth of your car using the free calculator mentioned later in this article. First, let’s understand why the vehicles’ prices decrease.

Scrap Car Valuation

Why Does a Car’s Value Drop?

Before calculating the cost of your unwanted vehicle, let’s understand the reason behind the decrease in the car’s worth. Cars are supposed to be durable, but their price declines with time and usage.

So, let’s think this way– When you buy a brand-new car, it’s an asset for you. You want the new vehicle to be reliable and in good condition. Whereas used or second-hand vehicles are relatively affordable because you’re only buying a part of a vehicle’s overall life. It means each mile you drive reduces a car’s serviceable life, and its worth will ultimately reach zero.

Use ’17c’ Formula To Calculate Your Car Valuation.

If you want to evaluate the vehicle by yourself, start with finding out the car’s original price. From there, you need to use multipliers based on a 10% depreciation cap, mileage, and damage. Here, the 10% cap is used per the insurance industry standard, and it supposes your vehicle’s value can not depreciate more than 10%.

Here is the formula:
(before accident/ actual price) x 0.10 (10% depreciation cap) x (condition multiplier) x (mileage multiplier) = car’s current value

The condition multiplier on a scale of 1.0 to 0.0 scale mentioned below:

  • 1: severe structural destruction
  • 0.75: significant damage to the structure
  • 0.50: average damage to the structure
  • 0.25: insignificant damage to the structure
  • 0.00: no structural harm

The mileage multiplier is given below; it scales from 1.0 to 0.00.

  • 1.0: 0-19,999 miles
  • 0.80: 20,000-39,999 miles
  • 0.60: 40,000-59,999 miles
  • 0.40: 60,000-79,999 miles
  • 0.20: 80,000-99.999 miles
  • 0.00: 100,000+

How To Increase The Value of Your Scrap Car?

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Most Effortless Car Valuation Process in Melbourne

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