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Getting your car recycled at Sell Cars for Cash means getting cash on your recycle and we are the best car recyclers in Melbourne. We buy old, junk vehicles for recycling and pay vehicle owners based on their recycling values. Our cash for junk cars offers pay from $50 to $9999, and we even throw in free car removal.

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At Sell Cars for Cash, recycling vehicles are our business; and one that offers fast and convenient services for car owners. We are an auto recycler that has about one of the best wrecking systems in Melbourne. We simply strip a vehicle, including its parts to recycle metals and precious metals from the parts and the car itself. Some parts we may salvage along with different components of the vehicle while other parts we will recycle. Our system is one that is considered green auto recycling and one that pays the maximum value on your vehicle.

Car Recycling Process We Follow At Our Scrap Yard

Car recycling is an essential process that helps reduce waste and protect the environment. In Victoria, the car recycling process involves several steps, which are designed to recover as much material as possible from old or damaged cars.

Step 1: Collection

The first step in the car recycling process is collection. Cars that are no longer roadworthy or are at the end of their useful life are collected from individuals, businesses, and government agencies. These vehicles are transported to a recycling facility where the dismantling process begins.

Step 2: Dismantling

Once the vehicles are at the recycling facility, the dismantling process begins. The vehicle is first inspected to determine if any hazardous materials are present, such as batteries, fuel tanks, and airbags. These materials are removed and disposed of safely. The vehicle is stripped of all usable parts, such as engines, transmissions, and tires.

Step 3: Shredding

After all the usable parts are removed, the remaining body of the vehicle is shredded into small pieces. The shredded material is sorted into various materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic.

Step 4: Separation and Purification

The separated materials are then purified and processed to remove any impurities. This process ensures that the recycled materials are high quality and can be used for new products.

Step 5: Recycling

The final step in the car recycling process is recycling. The recycled materials are used to make new products, such as steel for construction, aluminum for beverage cans, and plastic for various products.

Car recycling in Victoria is essential to reducing waste and protecting the environment. By recovering as much material as possible from old or damaged cars, the recycling process helps conserve natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

If you have an old car that you want to recycle, contact a licensed car removal company in your area. They will be able to provide you with more information on the process and ensure that your car is recycled safely and responsibly.

What Types of Cars Are Recycled In Victoria Australia?

In Victoria, Australia, a wide variety of cars are recycled. The types of cars that are recycled include:

  1. End-of-life vehicles: These are vehicles that are no longer roadworthy or are at the end of their useful life. These cars may have been damaged in accidents, have high mileage, or have significant mechanical issues.
  2. Written-off vehicles: These are vehicles that have been deemed a total loss by insurance companies due to significant damage, such as in a collision, flood, or fire.
  3. Scrap cars: These are cars that are at the end of their useful life and are no longer in working condition. They may have significant rust or corrosion, or have been abandoned.
  4. Unwanted vehicles: These are cars that are unwanted by their owners for various reasons such as old age, high running costs, expensive repairs, or inability to sell.

In Victoria, it is mandatory for all end-of-life vehicles to be recycled. Car recyclers follow a strict process to ensure that all hazardous materials are safely removed from the vehicles and recycled or disposed of responsibly. The recycled materials are then processed and sold to various industries for the manufacture of new products.

Do Car Owners Get A Rebate If They Recycle Their Old Cars?

Yes, car owners in Victoria may be eligible for a rebate if they recycle their cars. The Victorian Government’s Automotive Component Recycling Scheme (ACRS) offers rebates to car owners who recycle their vehicles through licensed car recyclers.

To be eligible for the rebate, the car must be registered in Victoria, have a gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonnes or less, and be recycled by a licensed car recycler. The rebate amount varies depending on the make and model of the car, with older, less fuel-efficient vehicles generally attracting higher rebates.

The rebate is applied at the point of sale, meaning that the car recycler will deduct the rebate amount from the total cost of the vehicle. Car owners do not need to apply for the rebate themselves.

In addition to the ACRS rebate, car owners may also be eligible for a rebate through the Victorian Government’s Electric Vehicle Rebate. This rebate applies to new or used electric vehicles purchased from 2 May 2021 and provides a rebate of up to $3,000 for new vehicles and $1,500 for used vehicles.

Overall, recycling your car in Victoria can not only help reduce waste and protect the environment but also provide financial benefits through rebates.

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